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  • Protected: Capacitor Replacement Guide
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  • First Contact – The Atari ST’s Surprisingly Numerous Faults
    I recently had the opportunity to pick up an Atari 520ST complete with an SC1224 RGB monitor and SF354 disk drive. This is my first ever experience using an ST system and I had a pretty rough start with it. This was a very special computer for me because it is the only vintage computer […]
  • TT Repairs: Roland SK-88 CPU Replacement and Key Rebuild
  • Simple Portable Writing with 1989’s Tandy WP-2 – #SepTandy
  • rEFInd Dual Boot
    So you wanna dual boot with rEFInd? It’s actually really easy to set up now that EFI support has been mostly fully adopted now. But there are a few sticking points and getting some background knowledge on how EFI works can help you work through those. I’m dividing this guide up into sections so you […]
  • Roland SK-88 Pro Repair
    I recently got around to fixing my second Roland SK-88 Pro(and now for the last time I’ll say “Pro”) and wanted touch touch on some of the things I may have glossed over in the video. This one was recorded as an “along for the ride” format, so it wasn’t the most conducive to giving […]
  • Voodoo 5 Capacitor Replacement – ★★★☆☆ 3/5 Skill
    In one of my older videos I went through and replaced the capacitors on a Voodoo 5 to get it working again. It is a card that uses all SMD parts but not too many different types. I had some very kind help on Vogons for determining the correct series of parts to match the […]
  • Calculators!
    I need a better test post on here for checking how the page looks so I grabbed a bunch of my pictures of various calculators I have and I’m just going to spit ball some stuff about them in a post. Casio CQ-1 This is a calculator I’ve done a dedicated video on already! I […]

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