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  • TT Repairs: Roland SK-88 CPU Replacement and Key Rebuild
  • Simple Portable Writing with 1989’s Tandy WP-2 – #SepTandy
  • rEFInd Dual Boot
    So you wanna dual boot with rEFInd? It’s actually really easy to set up now that EFI support has been mostly fully adopted now. But there are a few sticking points and getting some background knowledge on how EFI works can help you work through those. I’m dividing this guide up into sections so you […]
  • Roland SK-88 Pro Repair
    I recently got around to fixing my second Roland SK-88 Pro(and now for the last time I’ll say “Pro”) and wanted touch touch on some of the things I may have glossed over in the video. This one was recorded as an “along for the ride” format, so it wasn’t the most conducive to giving […]
  • Voodoo 5 Capacitor Replacement – ★★★☆☆ 3/5 Skill
    In one of my older videos I went through and replaced the capacitors on a Voodoo 5 to get it working again. It is a card that uses all SMD parts but not too many different types. I had some very kind help on Vogons for determining the correct series of parts to match the […]
  • Calculators!
    I need a better test post on here for checking how the page looks so I grabbed a bunch of my pictures of various calculators I have and I’m just going to spit ball some stuff about them in a post. Casio CQ-1 This is a calculator I’ve done a dedicated video on already! I […]

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