Hello! I’m Shelby and I make videos that end up on Youtube. Vintage computers are one of my main focuses and it extends to other areas of technology related to them. I have a particular fascination with mechanical calculators.

I currently film with a BMPCC 4K

Youtube videos work out as a fantastic format for exploring and sharing these forms of technology. I spend a fair bit of time on how I capture and present my subjects on video to best demonstrate them. This has lead to developing a wider array of skills for video production than I anticipated, but I enjoy the challenge.

Videos are just a medium for my passion for preserving and sharing the technology of the past. I have presented a hands on exhibit at Linus Media Group‘s LTX 2019 where hundreds of people were able to come and learn about technology history in person.

An inevitable part of forming a collection of technology of this scale is needing the skills to maintain, repair, and support the aging machines. Most of the computers I show have had some sort of repair or component replacement. Developing a low level of understanding for the design of them though is part of what makes them so appealing. There are many interesting lessons waiting to be learned by looking at what choices were made in their creation.